The Atomic

The Atomic

The Atomic is a warm sounding condenser microphone making it a versatile studio microphone, and a brilliant choice for vocal recording. This is a low-cost microphone that can compete against microphones in a much higher price bracket. The Atomic microphone combines a single-membrane VD21 capsule and a discrete Class-A preamplifier with transformerless output, and benefits from Violet Design’s unique design and assembly process.

The large-sized head creates a free floating environment for the capsule which is beneficial in creating a natural and uncompressed signal. The VD21 membrane is extremely sensitive and picks up impulses very quickly for a transparent and dynamic performance recording.

A matched stereo pair can be special ordered.

The Atomic comes with a microphone holder included in a carton box.


The Atomic
The Atomic
The Atomic




Transducer type

True electrostatic

Diaphragm's active diameter

21 mm

Frequency range

20 Hz to 20 kHz

Polar pattern


Output impedance

50 ohms

Sensitivity at 1000 Hz into 1000 ohms load

22 mV/Pa

S/N Ratio CCIR 468-3 weighted

77 dB

S/N Ratio DIN/IEC 651 A-weighted

88 dB-A

Equivalent noise level DIN/IEC A-weighted

6 dB-A

Maximum SPL for 0.5% THD at 1000 ohm load

134 dB

Dynamic range of the internal preamplifier

128 dB

Phantom powering voltage on pins #2 & #3 of XLR

+48 V (+/-4 V)

Output connector

3-pin XLR male


160 x 42 mm


320 g