"The Global Pre" is compact hi-end quality electrostatic microphone preamplifier body. Fully covering today's high resolution audio recording demands it was designed as an alternative to expensive historical vacuum tube microphone preamplifiers.

It was designed as an alternative to expensive historical vacuum tube microphone preamplifiers and fully meets today's high resolution audio recording demands.

"The Global Pre" body is fully compatible with Germany made vintage M-series interchangeable capsule heads, and B-series & VIN-series interchangeable capsule heads.

Phantom powered, linear, class-A discrete solid state transformerless preamplifier electronics provides extremely ultra-low self noise and hard to measure all kind of distortion. Symmetric output with XLR-3 type gold plated contact output connector provides balanced low impedance output and stable connection. Polar patterns and applications fully depend on which capsule head is used.

"The Global Pre" body comes in a wooden box with included GSM adjustable angle compact studio shock mount.




VIN-series vintage standard mount changeable capsule heads for "The Global Pre" You can also use VIN-heads with CVM563, RFT CM7151 and other bottle type microphones.

VIN12 Cardioid, bright, large diaphragm capsule head. Similar sound to C12.

VIN26 Cardioid, medium bright, large diaphragm capsule head.

VIN27 Cardioid, natural sounding, large diaphragm capsule head.

VIN44 Figure 8, large diaphragm capsule head.

VIN47 Cardioid, classic sounding, large diaphragm capsule head. Similar sound to U47.

VIN55 Omni directional, large diaphragm capsule head.

VIN67 Cardioid, large diaphragm capsule head. Similar sound to U67.

VIN89 Cardioid, medium diaphragm capsule head. Similar sound to U89.


Violet VIN-series capsule heads

PF-DC-N - Dual-Cone Metal-Mesh pop filter

VPF vintage style metal mesh pop filter

VMC quad microphone cable


Transducer type


Frequency range

5 Hz to 50 kHz

Directional of polar pattern

depends of capsule

Output impedance

50 ohms

Rated load impedance

1000 ohms

Suggested load impedance

>250 ohms

Dynamic range of the internal preamplifier

130 dB

Phantom powering voltage on pins #2 & #3 of XLR

+48 V (+/-4 V)

Current consumption

<2 mA

Output connector

3-pin XLR male, gold plated contacts


60 mm height, 60 mm diameter, weight 250 g


"We were doing a mic shoot-out on Midas Record's new artist, Adam Gregory. I suggested a few of the standards: vintage M49, U47, C12 and a few modern mics, including Violet Design mics. The Global Pre with Vin26 head won the battle. It has a full, present sound that keeps Adam's voice from getting lost in the band."

David Buchanan
Independent Recording Engineer
(Emerson Drive, Trace Adkins)


"I used the new Violet Global Pre with VIN-26 capsule on new artist Adam Gregory (Midas records) for his entire record. We shot it out against nine other microphones from every price range - nothing else came close. This mic has a sparkling top with a full and true bottom and would be an asset to anyone's collection. I also bought the VIN-67 for different voices and am equally pleased with the results."

Keith Follese
(Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Martina McBride, Randy Travis)


"The Violet Global Pre is my top go-to vocal mic. The VIN-67 and VIN-12 capsules emulate my U-67 and C-12 closely, but with a bit more substance than my vintage classics."

Ray Kennedy
Producer / Engineer / Mixer / Mastering / Writer / Muso
(Stevie Nicks, John Anderson, Charley Pride, David Allen Coe)


"All the vocals on my last album were recorded through a killer U-67 that has been in Electric Lady Studios' collection since they opened their doors in 1970. Needless to say, the bar was pretty high when I went looking for a new mic for my home rig. I'm now using a Global Pre with the VIN-67 capsule and it kicks ass."

Steve Earle
Recording Artist/Songwriter

"The Global Pre/ VIN system has been a great way to have several different sounds at my fingertips. The VIN 12 is great on background vocals, the VIN 67 is great on all kinds of things, including vocals. The VIN 26 has a nice presence that can help dark sources come to life."

John Paterno
Producer / Mixer / Engineer
(Bonnie Raitt, Faith Hill, Joan Osborne, Los Lobos)