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Violet Black Knight Sound On Sound Magazine August 2008 By Hugh Robjohns

Black Knight

Like many of Violet's mics, the Black Knight is a phantom powered large capsule condenser. It has a dual-diaphragm configuration with fixed cardioid polar pattern and features the same VD27 capsule unit as you'll find in the company's Dolly mic. Read more...

April 2008 - Recently, Violet Design sent The Studio Files three microphones for review: the Black Knight, the Finger, and the Flamingo Jr. All three of these microphones are a great buy for the home or project studio. I will talk about each microphone individually, and then at the bottom you will find all the audio examples I recorded with the mics.

Whether you're recording vocals or live instruments, the first - and often most critical - step of your signal path is a microphone. Selecting the right microphone for the job can make your vocals shine, your guitars jam and your drums rock, so knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each mic in your collection will help you make that choice.

Singer-songwriter, Janey Clewer, is a classically trained singer and pianist with a passion for...