(Translated from Polish magazine Estrada Studio, January 2006)

Violet Black Knight

This microphone is in totally different league than most of the products at the same price. The sound of Black Knight is open, warm, full of details and very natural and close. Everything is perfectly balanced even when using pop-filter.

Violet Design's Amethyst Vintage Condenser Microphone by Randy Poole

The $669 Grand Pearl is a unique bird: a mid-sized diaphragm condenser, originally designed for live use. Although I admit I'm skeptical of the Grand Pearl™s ability to not close its head during rigorous on-stage use or not sustain damage to its narrowly attached capsule housing sphere while engaged in performance ” I do like it for pleasant coloration in the studio. It has a nice, full sound that is far from flat, but quite useful paired with appropriate sources.

A modern sound recording studio never can say that is has got enough microphones. Every producer has his own preferences and a large studio should own different models of microphones for different occasions. For smaller project-orientated studios it is more rational to own some universal microphones, which can cope with the largest part of sound recording tasks. They are the microphones we are going to describe in the following article.

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